The only Kerzner-Accredited Project Management Courses in SA!


Four-Month, Part-Time Course

(most popular course)

Course Contents:

  • Project management principles and techniques

  • Corporate project management

  • Managing project performance Course study materialTextbook by Prof Harold KerznerDr. Smalley's self-help book

  • Project organizational structures

  • Project staffing policies

  • Managing behaviour and conflicts

  • Deligating authority and using power

  • Working with executives

  • Project planning 

  • Pricing and estimating

  • Network scheduling techniques

  • Identifying and managing delays

  • Managing cost and schedule

  • Initiating a project tradeoff analysis

  • Managing project risk

Course Dates and Venue for 2022:

Course Dates

Four-Hour Examination Date

Course Venue and Lecture Sessions

05 Mar - 29 Jun 2022

02 May - 31 Aug 2022

04 Jun - 28 Sep 2022

02 Jul - 31 Oct 2022

01 Aug - 30 Nov 2022

29 Jun 2022
31 Aug 2022
28 Sep 2022
02 Nov 2022
30 Nov 2022

There are seven lecture sessions spread over the four-month period. The lecture sessions are conducted by Dr. Lionel Smalley at the SPM offices in Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria and at Eskom's Leadership Development Centre in Midrand.

In-house Option:

This course can also be done in-house, for which group fees can be negotiated.
All candidates who successfully complete the course will be awarded the Kerzner-endorsed certificate and become eligible for full exemption from Module 1 of the Advanced Project Management Course (contact Dr. Lionel Smalley).

Course Fee:

Fee per candidate is R36500. Includes a copy of Kerzner?s best-selling textbook on Project Management (eleventh edition); a copy of Dr. Smalley's self-help book; a file of copyrighted course notes; handouts; and catering during the lectures.

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    Course Venue in Midrand

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Inside peek - course venue, Eskom's Leadership Development Centre

Inside peek - catering facilities, Eskom's Leadership Development Centre


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